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The Buddhist Educational Network is an educational Intranet and Internet based pedagogic portal, which serves the American and International Buddhist communities. TBEN is also available to non-Buddhist communities. TBEN offers a Buddhist oriented learning environment for distance learning home schooling and traditional home schooling.  The initial TBEN course offerings will be for K-12 and utilize the California Department of Education's curriculum guidelines.  TBEN will also develop a Buddhist pre-school program.  In addition, TBEN will interface with various contemporary and traditional American and International Buddhist Universities and Colleges for facilitating higher distance learning degrees.

TBEN understands the need and pedagogical utility advanced by Web technologies that are based upon constructionists' views, many of which, have similar epistemic premises that underlie Buddhist pedagogy.  The advent of the Web, coupled with multiple intelligence and nstructivist views, places increased demands on students, teachers, and the ways in which they process this particular Web form of knowledge acquisition, storage and integration.  How does the learning institution best utilize computers, curriculum, staff and faculty to enhance the teaching and learning process whether it be a University, College, High School, Grade School or pre-School via Home School traditional, hybrid and Distance Learning modalities?  TBEN will address these and other issues in formulating and implementing its Buddhist oriented pedagogies

The Web is now being understood as a multiple intelligence teaching and learning tool and not just a delivery medium.  The Web has probably been the main influence that has changed the way we conceive computers.  They are no longer machines which have to be conquered or commanded but have become transparent via operating systems and browsers, windows into an information lebenswelt.  Students need a sense of this world, the audience participating and an understanding of the mostly unwritten rules that govern its behavior.  The successful utilization of this new medium requires that students and faculty equip themselves with the conceptual models and practical skills that will enable them to participate in the global learning community.  TBEN's faculty and students will be equipped with these conceptual models and practical skills.

TBEN understands the growing need in the Buddhist and other concerned communities, nationally and internationally, for quality traditional learning venues, home schooling and Distance Learning.  The Web and computer based technologies can amplify the experience of dependent origination and meta-cognitive learning.  TBEN will be offering this pedagogy and technology under the supervision of an internationally renowned faculty and Board of Directors.


Dr. Ngakchang Karma Yeshe Namgyal Dorje Rinpoche
Director-The Buddhist Educational Network
P.O. Box 9192
Marina Del Rey, CA 90295


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