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GURU SENGYE SENGE DRADOGGuru Seng-ge sgra-sgrogs

Eighth Manifestation of Padmasambhava {N}

In Nepal, in the cemetery known as Many Mounds Self -Formed, Padma dwelled for five years, turning the Wheel of the Dharma for the dakinis, and received the name Seng-ge sgra-sgrogs, ‘Lion Master of Wisdom’.

After that time, Padma went to the realm of Samantabhadra, Master of the Four Bodies.  At the palace named Self-Arisen, he heard from Samantadhara, master of the nine yanas, the    ­­­­­-­­­-­-i Yoga of the Great Contemplation. Setting forth the hundred million and seventy thousand Tantras of the Great Contemplation, Samantadhara imparted to Padma this complete teaching.

“He indicated the view of non-substantial vast openness without beginning or end. He meditated on the Five Paths and Four Concentrations.  He realized the categories, the guiding ways appropriate for action.  He obtained as fruit the stage of the eighteen Tathagatas, and to him was disclosed the secret name of Samantadhara. ”

Padmasambhava’s Namtar (Hagiography)

At one time the Buddhist masters of the university of Nalanda were challenged to debate with non-Buddhist opponents of the Dharma teachings. “Although we can defeat them in controversy,” said the Buddhists, “we cannot overcome their occult powers.” In response to their invocations, Padma arrived at Nalanda. In the course of the debate which ensued, the non-Buddhists came to doubt their views; when they displayed their powers, Padma’s own powers demonstrated the supreme nature of the Buddhadharma. Convinced of the superior wisdom of the Dharma, the challengers sought refuge in the Three Jewels.

Unlimited by time and place, the Great Guru embodies the wisdom of the Tathagatas and fills the ten directions.  His view is the all-embracing absolute awareness of the Dharmakaya; his thoughts are self-illuminating, in perfect attunement with every situation, expressing his Sambhogakaya; and his actions are the ceaseless unfolding of forms, continually reflecting the nature of Nirmanakaya.

Timeless, ageless, and deathless, he teaches the Vajrayana in all his manifestations.

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