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The Second Manifestation of Padmasambhava {NW}

Knowing that beings of present and future generations required spiritual guidance, Padmasambhava disciplined himself in the three yogas of body, speech, and mind, and studied with teachers in human and non-human realms.  Travelling to Varanasi, he learned astrology from the sage Arjuna; in the country of Padmavati, he studied medicine with the son of the doctor Jivakumara.  In Ragala, he met the teacher Kalyanamitra, the Friend of All, and mastered the 360 languages and the sixty-four kinds of writing.  From skilled artisans and craftsmen he learned the technical and practical arts, and became skilled in all crafts.

Receiving whatever instruction he requested, Padma came to the yogin Prabhati, and mastered the Yogatantras. From there he sought ordination from Ananda, the Buddha’s disciple, and was given Dharma robes by the gods.  From that time he was known as Sakya Seng-ge.  Ananda taught him the teachings of the three turnings and the classifications of the scriptures.  At Sakya Seng-ge’s request, Ananda described the Sutras and Mantrayana texts that existed in writing, the locations where they had been placed, and the persons who would disseminate them in the future.

“While the Doctrine of the Buddha remains preserved in the Openness, it is in the sky, in the abodes of the nagas, in the rocks, waters, and trees, in the mountains, caverns, borderlands, and charnel grounds, in the monasteries, the stupas, and at Nalanda, in the regions of the gandharvas, kumbhandas, yakshas, and nagendras, that the Sutras have been deposited and are propagated.  The worlds’ great treasures, at the mercy of kings, of robbers, of fire and water, will be reduced to nothing.  This treasure of the holy Dharma of the Tathagata, hidden thus, will remain indestructible throughout many eras.  In later times these books will come to light, as has been predicted.”

Upon receiving Ananda’s complete teachings, Sakya Seng-ge went to the country called Bedha; residing in a cemetery, he entered profound meditation.


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