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“When Lord Buddha was about to pass into final nirvana, he said to his followers,

"This worldly life is transitory and separation is inevitable.  But eight years from now, in the midst of an immaculately pure lake in the northwest land of Oddiyana, one will appear who is wiser and more powerful than myself.

Born from the center of a lotus blossom, he will be known as Padmasambhava, and will reveal the teachings of the Secret Mantras to deliver all beings from misery. " ”

 Padmasambhava’s Namtar (Hagiography)

Lopon Phurba Dorje translated this and all the site information on the 8 Manifestations of Guru Padmasambhava.  Ngakchang Karma Yeshe Namgyal Dorje Rinpoche did some minor editing on this material.

Amitabha, Buddha of Boundless Light, manifesting as the emperor of the four continents, turned theWheel of the Dharma and considered the six directions.  Knowing a miraculous birth was needed to inspire faith in the Dharma and subdue the fierce deities of Tibet, he saw first Indrabhuti, who had lost his only son.  His glance then fell upon the immaculate waters of Lake Dhanakosha, and next upon the kingdom of Tibet, where he saw the King Khri -srong lde-stsan, who would cause the light of the Dharma to shine through the darkness.  Then he caused a lotus to arise; within its petals an emanation of Amitabha took form of itself. This emanation would become known to human beings as Padma ‘byung-gnas, the ‘Lotus-born Guru’. 

Although some regard Padma ‘byung-gnas as a human being who performed specific actions at a certain time and place, the gter-ma tradition and other historical sources describe the Great Guru as the son of Amitabha, the embodiment of enlightened activity of the Buddhas of the past, present, and future.  In this manifestation, Padma ‘byung-gnas is the central Vidyadhara of a radiant mandala, transmitting enlightened knowledge directly to the hearts of those who open their beings through meditation.  Padma ‘byung-gnas is often visualized as depicted here, seated on a brilliant disk of the sun on a throne formed of the lotus of compassion.  Through his blessing, the Great Guru uniquely imparts the unity of all Buddha dharmas.  Principally known through eight manifestations, Padma ‘byung-gnas appears in countless forms and under innumerable names to bring beings of all realms to complete and perfect enlightenment.

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