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Guru Pema Jungne

Guru Padmasambhava

Fourth Manifestation of Padmasambhava {NE}

As Guru Padmasambhava, the master received the Mahasamadhi teachings from Surativajra, a Nirmanakaya emanation of Vajrasattva, and the first human Vidyadhara of the lineage.

“Innate knowledge dominating the three regions altogether, mind which nothing stops, Buddha whom nothing changes, Surativajra, excellent fountain of the Dharma, knew everything, and Padma assimilated it.

He concentrated on Absorption in the Pure Void, on the Plane of Essence which proceeds from it, and on the meditation which is self-created and unfeigned.  He practiced abstention from accepting or rejecting pain or Awakening; As result, he obtained salvation through oneself, free from renouncing or acquiring.”

Padmasambhava’s Namtar (Hagiography)

Padmasambhava, embodiment of Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya, and Nirmanakaya of the Tathagatas, and Vidyadhara of all forms of enlightened knowledge, transmitted the Inner Teachings of the Mantrayana to Tibet.  Although he probably lived at bSam-yas for only a short time, most gterma texts agree that he manifested in Tibet for about 111 years, guiding his disciples’ practices at retreat centers in remote sacred places.  While at bSam-yas, he subjugated all human and nonhuman obstacles to Dharma transmission, and blessed the land of Tibet; he also transmitted the Inner Teachings to Khri-srong lde-bstan and other major disciples, establishing the basis of the bka’-ma and gter-ma transmissions continued by succeeding generations of rNying-ma masters to the present day.

In Tibet the Great Guru concealed thousands of Dharma treasures in eighteen forms, to be recovered at an appropriate time by reincarnations of himself or his disciples.  Records of his activities were kept during the reign of Khri-srong lde-bstan; in all, over one hundred biographies of his life have been preserved in both bka’-ma and gter-ma traditions, including the Padma Thang-yig by his consort Ye-shes mtsho-rgyal.


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