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Third Manifestation of Padmasambhava {SW}

“From the zenith and from each of the eight points, six sages with the Buddhas of the Three Times, six by six, in rows within the mass of clouds, with the sound of music and in a rain of flowers, multiplying the songs of happy omen, thus hail in him the Metamorphic Body.

And the sixteen great dakinis of high lineage hail in him the Body of Fruition.

On the stem and in the corolla of the wonderful lotus of Shining Immaculate, pure Plane of Essence. atttaining the pure happiness of the truly unfeigned, Being unique with the eight names, to you praise and homage!”

Padmasambhava’s Namtar (Hagiography)

To Indrabhuti, king of Oddiyana, who had long prayed for a son, his minister reported an unusual sight: “In the middle of a lotus garden on Lake Dhanakosha, there is seated a miraculous child. May the king consider taking the child away at daybreak, and let him deign to see him himself. ”

And King Indrabhuti replied: “We must go there. Last night I had a dream that a radiant golden vajra with nine points appeared from the sky and came into my hand, and I saw the sun rising in my heart.”

Upon seeing the child, Indrabhuti wept with joy and his blind eye was opened. He named the child mTsho-kyi rdo-rje, the ‘Diamond born of the Lake’, and raised him in the palace as his son.  When the prince came of age, Indrabhuti arranged his marriage to the beautiful princess Bhasadhara, and crowned him Padma rgyal-po, the ‘Lotus King. ’  For five years more Padma lived in the palace, and then turned his thoughts to renunciation of worldly pleasures.  Held responsible for the death of a minister’s son, he was banished from the kingdom. At the time of his departure, the Four World Guardians saluted him; the dakinis of the four orders presented him with a marvelous horse, and, with Padma rgyal-po mounted on its back, they carried horse and rider through the air.  Overcome with remorse, Indrabhuti together with his ministers and attendants watched as the prince headed south, disappearing from Oddiyana.  Arriving at the cremation ground known as Chilly Grove, Padma removed his fine clothing; dressed in a cotton robe, he engaged in the practice of austerities.

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