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Sixth Manifestation of Padmasambhava {W}

In the country of Bedha, at the cremation ground known as Bodies’ End, Padma remained for five years, teaching the Dharma to the dakinis.  At the end of this time he received the name Nyi -ma ‘odzer, ‘Ray of the Sun’, for his actions for the benefit of others.  Then, in quest of a doctrine of knowledge and salvation, he went to the realm of the Dharmadhatu in the Akanishtha heavens, and heard the Atiyoga teachings directly from the Adibuddha Samantabhadra.

In one sense, Padmasambhava, together with Khri-srong lde-btsan and the great scholar Shantarakshita, was one of the three founding fathers of the enlightened lineage that forms the heart of rNying-ma tradition.  In a deeper sense, Padmasambhava is enlightened knowledge; he breathes through all forms, and inspires the great Vidyadharas who received his knowledge most purely.  Thus, in most hagioographies of the Great Guru, episodes are couched in metaphorical language and may seem ambiguous; this style of expression reflects the true nature of Padmasambhava, for essential meanings are always revealed in silence, beneath the level of specific words and concepts.  

When one reads accounts of the Guru, the meanings conveyed depend on the clarity of meditation and the depth of one’s psychological insight.

Whoever requests Padma’s blessings can unfold the meanings of his teachings, and in doing so receive answers that satisfy the deepest yearnings of human beings.  The Guru’s teaching will last to the coming of the future Buddha Maitreya, for it expresses the wholeness of enlightenment, and is never separate from human awareness

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