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Fifth Manifestation of Padmasambhava {S}

In the land of Kashmir, at Simhapura, Padma dwelled in the cemetery known as Radiant Beatitude; in this place, with his back to the self-arisen stupa Kanika, he turned the Wheel of the Dharma,  teaching the dakinis who gathered at that place for a period of five years.  Serving as father and mother to all beings, he received the name Blo-ldan mchog-sred.

Extending his compassion to a man sentenced to live in the cremation ground for his evil deeds, Padmasambhava protected him from the terrors of that place and provided him with food.  But thinking only of his own welfare, the man caused the death of monkeys who had saved him, and persisted in lying to the Great Guru.  Still, the master instructed and protected him, and by his power restored him to his family. Harboring great resentment despite the Guru’s kindness, the man was unable to perceive the dangers he had been spared.

Thinking only of the food to be had from the
great tree he had seen, he returned to the cemetery with his family, and all were devoured by wild animals.

Upon hearing this account, all beings endowed with reflection considered the implications
of self-centered thoughts and actions, and took refuge in the Dharma.

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