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Seventh Manifestation of Padmasambhava {NE}

From Vajrapani, the Great Bodhisattva, Guardian and Preserver of the Mahayana Teachings, Padma heard the Anuyoga Tantras.  Then he dwelled in the cemetery known as the Pile of the Worlds, turning the Wheel of the Dharma for the dakinis for five years.  At the end of this time, he received the name rDo-rje gro-lod.

As rDo-rje gro-lod, Padma fearlessly treads underfoot the ever -deceptive ego and severs karmic entanglements by wielding his three-edged phur-bu.  By subduing the self-created demons and fascinations of individual predispositions, he reveals the apparitional nature of all selfish aims and exposes the mind as utterly pure and receptive to whatever arises.  He challenges every manifestation of negativity with an attitude that each life situation, regardless of its outward appearance, can prove to be an instruction in truth. Thus he has the power to overcome self - deception and illusions created by human perceptions, and comfort beings with the cool radiance of the Dharma.

Appearing in peaceful and wrathful forms, Padma teaches in manifold ways to counteract the karmic obscurations which surface as the life style of a being, a people, a country, or an era.  The rational mind cannot conceive of the innumerable manifestations possible for the Great Guru, who appears wherever and whenever there is a need for his presence.  In the past, he has appeared in human and non-human realms, in the lands of India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Burma, Central Asia, Afghanistan, parts of China and Russia, Egypt, Africa, the now unknown island of Damadu, and the uncharted realm of Shambhala.  It is said he now manifests in the land of the Copper Mountain, which many equate with the West.

 Recent Termas have been found in North America.  Tsokyi Dorje (Lake Born Vajra) is Gyamtso Dorje (Ocean Born Vajra).  Some current Vajrayana Gurus translate the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans into the English language as “Great Ocean.”

To those tormented by mental anguish, emotional instability, and insecurity, he dispels the cause of their suffering and brings peace of mind.  By the power of his blessing, beings are protected from the demonic energies of chaos, particularly destructive during this darkened Kali Yuga age.

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